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Orthodontic treatments

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Early orthodontic treatment: It concerns the skeletal development of the jaws, and includes the expansion of dental arches in patients up to the age of 14, with the aim of avoiding future extractions of permanent teeth, and of closing gaps.

The appliances that we use are:
•Quad Helix
•Lingual arch
•Rapid palatal expanders
•Hawley (removable appliance ideal for the treatment of open bite due to tongue intervention or breastfeeding)
•Hawley (removable appliance ideal for transversal expansion)
•Hawley (removable appliance of bilateral elevation for cruciform joint liberation)
•Sander (appliance suitable for treating retrognathism problems of the mandible, and maxilla and mandible expansion, as well as of external arch for the treatment of prognathism of the maxilla)
•External appliance

Integrated orthodontic treatment:

It includes orthodontic treatment for adolescents and adults. It is usually performed using fixed appliances (braces) on the maxilla and mandible.

•Treatment of oral habits (pacifier, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting)

Limited orthodontic treatment on individual teeth:

It is usually performed using removable appliances (Hawley) and lasts up to 3 months.

Types of fixed orthodontic appliances (Brackets):

2.Ceramic (transparent)
3.Clear aligner (treatment of minor twists of teeth using completely transparent removable appliances)

Orthodontic Surgery:

Cooperation with jaw surgeon and orthodontist for the treatment of orthognathic cases.
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