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Endodontic Treatment

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The endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is a therapeutic method the purpose of which is to address failures of dental pulp (nerve of the tooth) and the tissue surrounding the teeth.


The pulp of the tooth consists of a system of blood vessels, nerves and cells, ensuring the health of the tooth.


But the presence of caries in the teeth and the promotion of microbes in the pulp cause degeneration and necrosis.

This  has as consequence the appearance of intense pain or even the appearance of swelling (alveolar abscess). The pain is so much intense sometimes that even taking painkiller cannot offer alleviation.


Then it is essential the intervention of the dentist and the completion of aponeurosis. Here's the opening of the tooth, then the abstraction of the pulp with the use of special tools, disinfection of the radical canal and finally is completed the filling of the tooth.

The objective of the dentist is to eliminate pain and the re-establishment of physiologic operation.

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