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Foods, the sweets and the drinks that contain sugar are preferred by the children because their pleasant taste. As consequence of their consumption  is the appearance of two major problems in childhood: Decay in the teeth and obesity.

The decay constitutes the most common disease of teeth and it is caused by the sugar that is attached to the teeth and the microbes that split them (saccharomyces).

The lack of proper buccal hygiene, the  unscheduled visit to the dentist for cleaning and lack of fluorine  have resulted in the children's teeth to be heavily damaged by caries

The prevention therefore also the treatment of decay consists the consumption of sugar-sweetened foods or beverages in moderation and after the main meals.

The visits to the dentist should begin at the age of four years, to enable cleaning and fluoridation of teeth.

It is also  recommended the preventive coverage of apertures and fissures   in the permanent teeth (first molars) and later in second permanent molars.

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