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Plate and Tartar (Dental Calculus)

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The plate is a soft substance which is welded onto the teeth and consists of microbes and their products.

Tartar (dental calculus) is a hard calcified substance attached on the teeth and is formed from the plate and the components presented in saliva.


Brushing your teeth often do not remove the plate for various reasons such as when the brush is too hard or damaged or brushing by the wrong way. For the plate are also liable various diseases and medications.


Cleaning the teeth is the most effective removal method and the dentist can show to the patients the right way of brushing the  teeth. The dentist also may recommend the use of dental floss and brush teeth also more appropriate for removal of plaque.


But when the plate became stone then clean the teeth using ultrasonic treats the problem properly. The health of the gums is restored to normal and below the stone that is removed can reveal small erosions and caries in the teeth and to deal correctly before creating problems for patients. The cleaning of the teeth should be done every 6 months because it is now known that there is a clear link between the health of teeth and gums and some heart diseases or other systemic diseases

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