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Porcelain Surface(Veneers)

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This technique can provide impressive results in facial aesthetics (beautiful smile).
In this method is used a ceramic material (porcelain) in the prostomial surfaces of the front teeth which is welded chemically.

For the installation it is required to sharper only the prostomial surfaces of the teeth and even not much.

By this technique  we  have excellent aesthetic without  problems of the natural teeth (sensitivity to hot - cold)

The Procedure

Our preferred Dentist will advise you if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure after a thorough oral examination. It usually takes 2 appointments for the preparation of the tooth that is to be restored with a venner.The total procedure takes between 3 and 10 days depending on the amound of teeth that require treatment.

During the first appointment the tooth is prepared by the Dentist by removing a minimum amount half a millimetre of the outer layer of the tooth. A local anaesthesia maybe required. An impression is then taken of the teeth which the lab uses to make a precise model of your mouth.

On the second appointment the tooth is cleaned and a harmless adhesive is used to bond the veneer to the tooth.


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